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Summer Service Heats Up!

By Jeremiah Scott, Strategic Planning, and Nate Brengle, Strategic Communications

Help With Regulation Rollback

A new rulemaking initiative called "Regulation Rollback" is being implemented by the Governor's Office and your in put is needed! Read on to learn about this initiative and how you can contribute your input.

Tax Time is Coming

As 2016 comes to its conclusion, the ASRS is preparing 1099 tax forms to be mailed to retired members. Forms will be mailed out no later than February 1st 2017.

Sometimes Age Matters

Are you only 14? Or, is that just what your ASRS record says? The ASRS Internal Audit section recently identified a member who was listed as a 14-year-old. What was likely a miscued number in our database can have unintended consequences down the line. Read More to learn the potential impact - and how to avoid it! 

Millennials and Saving Money

Saving for the future - on one hand, you know that the earlier you save for retirement, the better off you’ll be. But, bills still need to get paid! Read More for tips to help you stretch those dollars & make putting away a nest egg a reality.

Protecting Your Online Accounts

Have you have ever stared at a login screen of an infrequently visited website, trying to recall your password? I have often stared blankly at the screen, searching my brain for that unhackable password I created—only to realize it’s so obscure, I can’t remember it! Here are some tips for creating a strong password:

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