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    Approaching retirement and wondering where to start? Let the ASRS guide you on your journey by attending one of our member education programs.
  • ASRS Basics for Employers Seminar - New Fall 2015 Dates

    New to working with the ASRS? Sign up for "Employer Relations for ASRS Basics for Employers", an overview of employer responsibilities regarding the Arizona State Retirement System.

  • Employer Website Security Enhancements

    The ASRS relies on its authorized employer partners to assist in keeping the ASRS website secure. In our continuing efforts to maintain high standards of security, the ASRS is implementing additional employer security protocols, effective Friday, September 25, 2015.

  • ASRS Funding Policy available for review

    An ASRS Funding Policy, a formal document outlining the strategies and goals for assuring the long-term sustainability of the ASRS plans, is now available for review under the ASRS Policies page on our website.

    The six-page document outlines the formal methodology for financing the pension, health insurance and long-term disability plan obligations. Each plan is sustainable with current assets, plus future contributions from employees and employers, plus investment earnings.

  • Employer GASB 68 Update and Reporting Document Now Available

    The ASRS' GASB 68 Reporting Document is now available on the GASB Information page.

    Additional information has been emailed directly to ASRS Employers.

  • Employer Conferences Coming Soon!

    Once again, the ASRS Employer Relations Division will be hosting our annual Employer Conference later this summer and into early fall...

  • Age 65+ Waivers

    In 2012, legislation with a 3-year trial period was passed, providing for an option for newly hired employees who are 65 or older and meet specific criteria to opt out of ASRS membership. During the last legislative session, the option was approved indefinitely.
  • Secure Employer Website User Access

    To maintain the security of the ASRS Employer website, please ensure that any users who have left employment no longer need access to the secure employer website...
  • ASRS Enhanced File Format Update

    The ASRS has been implementing an enhanced and standardized contribution reporting file format to be used by all ASRS employers and has been enhanced with three new data fields...
  • Employer Address Maintenance

    Effective May 1, 2015, ASRS employers are able to maintain and update mailing and physical addresses on the ASRS Secure Employer website.


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