Employer News

  • Return to Work Form Update

    Thank you for all of your assistance with the successful implementation of the online Retiree Return to Work Smart Form. This online process began in June of this year and in recent months we have seen over 80% of the return to work forms submitted online.
  • Contribution Rates & ACR

    Contribution rates and the alternate contribution rate (ACR) will decrease slightly for the next fiscal year, beginning July 1, 2015.
  • Reports Management Page / Health Insurance Premium Benefit Reports

    On January 9th, 2015, there will be a new page for accessing reports on the secure employer website. Initially, this page will only be used for downloading the Health Insurance Premium Benefit reports. These reports have historically been mailed to approximately 250 ASRS employers who have eligible ASRS retirees receiving health insurance premium benefit payments. Read more about health insurance premium benefits in Chapter 9 of the ASRS Employer Manual, which is downloadable from the Employer Reference Materials page on the ASRS website.
  • Contributions Received After Retirement

    When ASRS retirees return to work and do not suspend their retirement, their employer must pay contributions at an alternate contribution rate (ACR) on their behalf. ACR is required regardless of the hours worked (whether meeting 20/20 criteria or less than 20/20 criteria), and regardless of the capacity (direct employee, leased employee, independent contractor).
  • Ending Payroll Verification for New Retirees

    Employers are essential in the pension calculation process. The Ending Payroll Verification (EPV) is required from every ASRS employer through which a new retiree has contributed within the past three years – without it, the ASRS cannot begin to process the pension.
  • GASB 68 Updates

    With the implementation of GASB 68, it is more important than ever for employers to correctly report all eligible employee census data. You can correctly report all eligible employee census data by ensuring that each eligible employee completes the online enrollment and registration process and that all social security numbers submitted are correct and valid.
  • Social Security Number Errors

    Employers are strongly encouraged to verify that Social Security numbers which are submitted through payroll or enrollments are correct and valid.
  • Beneficiary Updates

    New and existing employees can designate beneficiaries online. Paper beneficiary forms are no longer accepted for non-retired ASRS members and any received will be sent back to the employee.
  • Online Registration / Enrollment and Employer Responsibility for Census Data

    Autumn bring an increase in new members to the ASRS. As employers, your role is critical in ensuring your new employees are directed to Online Registration and they see the importance of enrollment.

  • Workshop for New ASRS Employers: ASRS Basics for Employers

    Are you new to working with the ASRS? Do you have staff that are? ASRS Basics for Employers is a three-hour workshop geared toward ASRS employer Human Resources, Payroll, Benefits and Administration personnel and covers the basics of working with the ASRS.


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