Thank You for a Successful 2014 Employer Conference!

The ASRS Employer Relations staff recently completed the annual Employer Conference, holding a total of 28 meetings.  The Phoenix and Tucson ASRS offices hosted 11, and 17 were conducted at employer sites throughout the state.  We saw many familiar faces as well as new ones.  A total of 992 employer representatives attended, representing 480 ASRS employers. 

 Some of the topics covered at this year’s Employer Conference included:

·         2014 retirement-related legislation

·         Updated information on the ASRS Long Term Disability Income Plan

·         The redesigned ASRS website and changes to Member Education programs

·         Enhancements to online employer applications including member registration (Online Enrollments) and Ending Payroll Verification

·         Retiree return to work laws and the new Retiree Return to Work Smart Form process

·         Membership eligibility tool

·         The Alternate Contribution Rate for retirees who return to work

For those of you who missed our Employer Conference this year, please note a change to A.R.S. § 38-716.  Effective September 13, 2013, ASRS member employers are now statutorily required to have a representative attend the annual ASRS Employer Conference.  We look forward to seeing you all in 2015!

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