Reports Management Page / Health Insurance Premium Benefit Reports

On January 9, 2015, there will be a new page for accessing reports on the secure employer website.  Initially, this page will be used only for downloading the Health Insurance Premium Benefit reports.  These reports have historically been mailed to approximately 250 ASRS employers that have eligible ASRS retirees receiving health insurance premium benefit payments.  Read more about health insurance premium benefits in Chapter 9 of the ASRS Employer Manual, which is downloadable from the Employer Reference Materials page on the ASRS website.

The new Reports Manager role will have the ability to grant Report Specialist access to new and existing users.  The specialist will be able to download from the Reports Management page. Because this page will only be used for downloading the Health Insurance Premium Benefit reports for now, the only specialist role available will be an HI Premium Benefit Specialist.  As the ASRS begins to post other types of reports in the future, more specialist roles may become available.

The Employer Administrator will initially be assigned the Reports Manager role.  In order for an employer web user to access the January 2015 Health Insurance Premium Benefit report, the Employer Administrator must log in and assign the HI Premium Benefit Specialist role to that user through the Maintain Employer Users page.  The Employer Administrator will also be able to reassign the Reports Manager role to a new or existing user as needed.

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