Publications and Forms


For many actions, you do not need a form. Log in to your safe, secure myASRS account to perform the following:

  • View or change your address, beneficiary, and contact information
  • Initiate a request to purchase service
  • Print a current Member Statement
  • Apply for retirement or refund
  • View or update your tax elections and direct deposit elections (for retired members)
  • Apply for return to work status (for retired members)

myASRS Login   Why Register?

The following actions still require a paper form to be downloaded, filled out and mailed to ASRS:

PDF Icon   ASRS Data Verification Form

PDF Icon   ASRS Domestic Relations Order

PDF Icon   Application to Rescind Revert or Change Contingent Annuitant Status

PDF Icon   Re-Retirement Application

PDF Icon   Spousal Consent Form

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