This page contains links to publications that are sent out to members throughout the year. To see publications from previous years view our Publications Archive page.

Publications Overview:

    • Your Retirement: A quarterly publication sent to ASRS retirees. Q1, Q2, Q3 are printed and mailed, Q4 is a digital publication sent via email.
    • Futures: A monthly digital publication emailed to active ASRS members, which focuses on educating new members, those closing in on retirement, and everyone in between.
    • Financial Horizons: An annual print publication mailed to active ASRS members during the first part of each year.
    • Member Handbook: A complete overview of the ASRS and member benefits, updated as needed.
    • Annual Financial Reports: A link to our Annual Reports page, where we publish a number of financial reports each year to give both high-level and detailed looks at the financial picture of the ASRS

Note: Links to our quarterly digital newsletter to ASRS Employers can be found on the Employer Reference Materials page.

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