Open Enrollment Information

  • The Open Enrollment period has officially ended. If you've already enrolled, watch your mailbox for your new 2019 member ID card.

  • Notice about new 2019 retiree health insurance ID cards
  • Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about your insurance. 

Will I get a new ID card for Medical Insurance?

Yes, everyone will receive a new card. The new cards will have the ASRS logo on the top right hand corner of the card. Your new card is now good for Medical, Vision, and Prescriptions. Your ID card will be sent 7-10 business days after the enrollment has been processed by UnitedHealthcare.

When you get your member ID card you can use it to register online at UHCRetiree.com/asrs. After you register, you can:

    • Find providers or pharmacies in your area
    • View plan documents
    • Review your Drug List (Formulary)

Bring your card with you when you get health care services or fill a prescription. When you card arrives, check to be sure all of your information is correct. If not, call UHC to update it.

Will I get a new ID card for Dental?

If you made a plan change or enrolled for the first time you will receive an updated ID card. Your dental card will say “Issued to Arizona State Retirement System. Your ID card will be sent within 5 to 7 business days after Sun Life receives and processes the ASRS member eligibility file.

Once you are enrolled and the coverage is effective on the Sun Life Financial dental plan, you can register on the Sun Life Financial secure website application, "Online Advantage" by creating a user name and password. Using the Online Advantage site, you can obtain a dental card at your convenience. Additionally, you can download your dental ID card using the Sun Life Financial smartphone application "Benefit Tools" and have access to your ID card on your phone

When will I see my health insurance premiums deducted from my pension?

If you’ve submitted your Open Enrollment Form and it’s processed by UnitedHealthcare and/or Sun Life Financial by December 15th, your insurance premiums will be deducted from your January pension.

If you submit your Open Enrollment form after December 15th and before December 31st, your insurance premium will be taken out for two months in February.

How can I manage my health benefits?

For your dental plan Sun Life Financial has a dedicated website for ASRS retirees. Visit this valuable resource at sunlife.com/ASRS. On this website you can: search for providers, pull up or print your ID card, and view claims.

For your Medical plans UnitedHealthcare has dedicated websites that will help you find providers, track claims and expenses, estimate health care costs, and view the Certificate of Coverage with complete information on your benefits. Visit UHCRetiree.com/asrs if you are Medicare eligible or myuhc.com if you are Non-Medicare.

What You Need to Know for 2019 Open Enrollment:

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