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Preventative Care vs. Specialist Care

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Welcome to the ASRS Health Care Blog…


An ASRS staff authored page where we publish articles about current health care topics and answer questions from the perspective of our ASRS Members.

The intention of this blog is to introduce real situations and questions that we encounter as patients in the health care world today. ASRS staff members engage with the ASRS Health Care Administrator, UnitedHealthcare (UHC) to find answers, provide information, offer solutions to problems, and clear up confusion related to navigating the Health Insurance Industry. The more we know about how to use our health benefits, the more ASRS retirees and their caretakers can maximize their benefit of the ASRS Health Care Plans.

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Preventative Care vs. Specialst Care


An interesting question crossed my desk regarding the use of preventive health care services when specialists are involved. The patient specifically asked about coverage available for a skin cancer screening performed by a dermatologist that the patient considered to be preventive health care based on an experience with a previous health insurance carrier. Having personally felt confused between what services are covered and what are not when it comes to preventive care, I contacted the ASRS Health Care Administrator, UnitedHealthcare (UHC), to research the request. I learned the following tips to share with UHC members and patients who may be experiencing difficulty defining the line between preventive care and specialist- or diagnostic- care.

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