General Inquiries

For General ASRS Inquiries

If you have general inquiries for the ASRS, either to the Director's Office, or topics such as investments, board meetings or agendas, please contact us using the "Public Email" button below. A representative from the ASRS will acknowledge your inquiry and forward the email the appropriate business area within one business day.

Public Email

PLEASE NOTE: ASRS Members should not use this unsecure method of contact when inquiring about your personal ASRS account. If you send a regular email to the ASRS with a question about your account, we will be unable to assist you and you will be directed to contact us via a secure method, such as Member Secure Messaging.

For Media Inquiries

If you are a media contact and wish to speak with our Public Information Officer or have a public records request, click the "Media Spokesperson" button.

Media Spokesperson

For Secure Member Inquiries

If you have a question about your member account or benefits, please log in to your myASRS account and contact us via Member Secure Messaging. A trained ASRS Retirement Specialist will research and respond to your inquiry within one business day.

To learn more about Member Secure Messaging:

To access Secure Messaging, log into myASRS:

myASRS Login

To call or visit our offices, click "Contact Us".

Contact Us

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