Ending Payroll Verification FAQs

The Ending Payroll Verification (EPV) is an online employer application used for multiple purposes, such as verifying termination and final pay, and providing information about contributions received. The three occasions when an EPV is required are when an employee applies for a refund, retirement, or a beneficiary applies for survivor benefits for a deceased member.  The ASRS cannot begin processing benefits payments until required EPVs have been submitted by the employer(s). 

One question that comes up frequently is: What is the difference between Termination Date and Retirement Date?  These two dates cannot be the same.  Termination Date is the final day the employee works or is using paid leave, and as the employer, you certify that is the final day.  Retirement date is selected by the employee and must be at least one day after the termination date.    

On a new retirement EPV, the employer must enter the Termination Date or the Last Day of ASRS membership.  These are not the same thing.  Termination date is the final day the employee works or is using paid leave, and as the employer you certify that is the final day of employment. 

The only instance in which you should enter a date in the Last Day of ASRS Membership is when the employee is retiring without terminating employment.  Going forward from the Last Day of ASRS Membership, the retiree must work fewer than 20 hours per week, indefinitely; otherwise, the retiree must suspend retirement and resume active contributions to the ASRS.

If you need to revise a previously submitted EPV, click on the “Show submitted last 12 months” button, locate the employee in the list, and click to open it.  Make your changes and then submit the revised EPV.  The revised EPV will remain in the list for another 12 months. 

You can read more about EPVs on the Ending Payroll Verification page on the ASRS website, which includes a user guide for the application.   Read more about the EPV for Refunds and Retirement in Chapter 8 of the ASRS Employer Manual, which is downloadable from the Employer Reference Materials page on the ASRS website.

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