Employers: New Online Feature to Assist Employers and Return to Work Retirees

On June 6, the ASRS will introduce a new online tool that will improve the process for retirees who wish to return to work as a retiree to an ASRS employer.

The online Retiree Return to Work smart form provides ASRS retirees who wish to work after retirement the ability to submit the required form online through their secure personal ASRS account.

The retiree will indicate the intent of their post-retirement employment and the online form will immediately notify the retiree if their employment will require them to resume active membership or allow them to continue to receive their pension benefit.

When the retiree is satisfied with the intent of post-retirement employment and the effect on their pension, they will electronically submit the form to you, the employer, for validation.

The online Retiree Return to Work smart form will have a number of advantages over the current, paper form process.  First, retirees will know immediately the impact returning to work will have on their pension, hopefully eliminating any inconveniences or misunderstandings after the form is submitted.  The process will be more efficient and will no longer require the employer to e-mail or fax forms to the ASRS.

This new process will apply to retirees who return to work for an ASRS employer on or after June 6, 2014, and those return-to-work retirees whose employment status changes from less than 20/20 to 20/20 or more.

More detailed information and instructions will be sent to employer representatives who process return-to-work retirees. There will be an online guide to assist employers with this new process, as well as training classes to be conducted at the ASRS Phoenix office.

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