Contribution Rates & ACR


Contributions rates will decrease slightly for next fiscal year, beginning July  1, 2015. The current total contribution rate is 11.60 percent for members and employers. The new rate will be 11.47%


The alternate contribution rate (ACR) paid to the ASRS for return-to-work retirees will decrease slightly next fiscal year, beginning July 1, 2015. The current ACR is 9.57 percent.

 As a reminder, when retirees return to work and the ACR is paid on their behalf, they do not accrue service, add to their account balance, receive any additional retirement benefits or gain eligibility for LTD benefits.  The ACR is assessed against compensation (direct employment), gross salary (leased employee), or contract fee (independent contractor).  For more information and tools on the Alternate Contribution Rate page of the ASRS website, or read more in Chapter 6 of the ASRS Employer Manual, which is downloadable from the Employer Reference Materials page on the ASRS website.

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