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Employers: Important Information on GASB 68

See the latest information on implementation of new GASB 68 reporting requirements. The ASRS has prepared an informational video: ASRS GASB 68 IMPLEMENTATION PRESENTATION (24 minutes) Additional information is on the GASB 68 webpage.

ASRS Requires Appointments to Meet with Individual Members

The ASRS recognizes some members require specialized in-person counseling. Appointments are required for all in-person counseling sessions at our Phoenix office. This will allow the ASRS to prepare in advance of the member’s visit and decrease wait times.

New Contribution Rates to Take Effect July 1st

The total contribution rate for the ASRS defined benefit plan and LTD program will increase slightly from the current rate of 11.54 percent to 11.60 percent, effective Tuesday, July 1st.

Going Green(er)! Benefit Advice Notice Mailings to Discontinue

In an effort to reduce costs and in keeping with our efforts to “go green and save,” the ASRS will discontinue mailing monthly direct deposit benefit advices to retirees as of January 1, 2015.

Legislative Wrap-Up

The State Legislature adjourned April 24 in what was a relatively uneventful session for new or revised laws that will affect ASRS members and retirees. Several bills that are important to the ASRS did pass and have been signed into law. But for the most part, they affect policies and procedures that will not have a significant effect on the majority of members.

New Online Feature to Assist Return to Work Retirees

The ASRS has a new online tool that improves the process for ASRS retirees who wish to return to work for an ASRS employer.

Notice to Members Regarding ASRS Service Purchase

Last month, the Arizona Court of Appeals issued a formal Opinion in the lawsuit Pendergast v. ASRS, a case that involves ASRS service purchase options.

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking - Spousal Consent

The Arizona Administrative Code rulemaking pertaining to spousal consent and ASRS benefits as prescribed in Arizona Revised Statutes §38-755, 38-760, 38-776 will have public oral comment on Tuesday, June 3, 2014 at 9 a.m. at the ASRS Phoenix office. See Rules page for additional information on this proposed rulemaking, including proposed text.

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