Your Annual 'Basics' Viewing

Available online, the ASRS Basic for Employers video series and accompanying handbook are vital resources for all ASRS employers. While especially helpful for new employers, we recommend all employers review the “Basics” materials at least annually. These reference materials provide invaluable information regarding ASRS policies, procedures, and the many Arizona State Statutes that govern our operations. 

These training materials are geared toward employer Human Resources, Payroll, Benefits, and Administrative personnel and are designed to update staff on ASRS functions and employer responsibilities.

Topics covered include: 

    • An overview – and benefits of – the ASRS
    • Membership eligibility
    • Employer termination incentive programs
    • Contribution reporting
    • Service purchase
    • Processing Retirements
    • Refunds
    • Return-to-work employees
    • Alternate contributions
    • And more!

We hope you find these materials beneficial in answering some of the most common questions that you or your employees have regarding the benefits and policies of the ASRS. You can find the Employer Basics Handbook available for download on the Employer Reference Materials web page, with the 6-part video series available on our Employer Videos page.

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