Workshop for New ASRS Employers: ASRS Basics for Employers

Are you new to working with the ASRS or have staff members that are? 

Image of 2014 ER Basics Workshop inviteASRS Basics for Employers is a three-hour workshop geared toward ASRS employer Human Resources, Payroll, Benefits and Administration personnel and covers the basics of working with the ASRS.  Topics will be presented in sequence as they appear in the current ASRS Employer Manual

Find more information about the upcoming Basics sessions on the Employers page of the ASRS website, or click the image at right.

Registration is required. 

1.            LOG IN to your ASRS employer user account on the ASRS website.

2.            Click EMPLOYER MEETING REGISTRATION from the left navigation menu.

3.            Click on the SCHEDULE button to see available meetings.

4.            SELECT your meeting, COMPLETE the information requested and click REGISTER.


You will receive a confirmation email.  If you do not, or if you need to modify or cancel your registration, please email [email protected].  

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