Where Do Our Members Work?

As of June 30, 2022, the ASRS had 214,210 active members. Those active members work for employers all across the state. Currently, the ASRS has over 700 employer partners – a diverse group of public schools, state agencies, cities and towns, universities, and more. 

The chart below, which breaks down our active member base by employer type, is an excerpt from our most recent Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR). Presented each November to our Board of Trustees, the PAFR is an easily digested, high-level document that covers items such as funded status, investment summaries, financial summaries, and member demographics.

As we quickly approach June 30, the close of the ASRS fiscal year, we’ll again start the process of compiling the year’s information and updating not just the PAFR but all of our year-end reports, which can be found on our Annual Reports page. There you’ll find historical reports of the last few fiscal years, and new reports as they’re released over the remaining calendar year.

View the full 2022 Popular Annual Financial Report >>

Written by Nathaniel Brengle, Communications

Published: June 2022

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