When to Talk to Your HR Before Contacting the ASRS

If you have questions about your pension, do you know who to reach out to for answers? What about if you’ve moved and need to update your information? Or if you have questions about Long Term Disability? Do you go to your employer’s HR? Or directly to the ASRS?

It’s not always easy knowing who to go to for what – but we can help point you in the right direction.

Contact Your Employer AND Also Contact ASRS when updating your:

      • Mailing address
      • Email address
      • Beneficiary
      • Name 

Start with your Employer to:

      • Ask questions about Short term disability questions (these plans are typically employer sponsored and optional to join)
      • To get an ASRS Long Term Disability application (these forms will need to be filled out by you, your employer, and your physician)
      • Starting a supplemental savings account (which we always encourage!)  You’ll need to ask your employer what options they may have available.
      • Discuss health insurance plans offered by your employer that aren’t be available from the ASRS (ASRS offers coverage only to retired and disabled members)
      • If you believe there’s a discrepancy between your salary and the salary that’s been reported to the ASRS (which you can view if you log into your myASRS account.
      • If you believe ASRS contributions were not withheld from your employer when they should have been

In addition, while your employer should be able to answer most general questions about the ASRS and what your pension plan offers, for detailed questions pertaining to account specifics, it’s best to visit AzASRS.gov. Specifically your secure myASRS account, where you can view benefit estimates, apply for retirement, view the status of any pending applications, or submit a secure message to our Member Advisory Center. (And much more.)

The most important thing is: if you have questions, don’t let them go un-answered!  Answers are usually easy to find, whether it’s from your employer or from AzASRS.gov!

by Nathaniel Brengle, Strategic Communications

This article appeared in "Expanding Your Financial Horizons" (October 2018), a digital publication of the ASRS.


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