What Happens if You’re Unable to Work Due to an Illness or Injury?

If you’re actively contributing to the ASRS, you may not realize your membership includes Long Term Disability (LTD).  It’s often overlooked by most active members, since less than 2% of them ever need it.  As a result, there are also misconceptions about how the program works.

The LTD Program was designed to provide a monthly benefit that partially replaces income lost if you’re unable to work for more than six months due to an illness or injury.  Why six months?  Shorter time frames are designed to be covered by Short Term Disability insurance.  Many employers offer access to Short Term Disability programs that provide benefits prior to the six-month waiting period.  Talk with your employer to find out if they offer such a program.

Of course, there are requirements that must be met in order to be eligible for LTD.  These help ensure the program isn’t abused.  The ASRS even has a Fraud Hotline (602) 240-5360 that’s available if someone suspects the program is being abused.

We hope you never need to access the LTD Program, but it’s good to know it’s there in case you ever do.

For more information on the LTD Program, visit the Long Term Disability page on our website.  If you need to start the process, contact your human resources or benefits department.

Aaron Chandler, Strategic Communications

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