Watch for Autofill!

By Marcus Jones, Senior Benefit Advisor, Member Services Division

This is a security reminder about using shared computers.

The ASRS strongly encourages all new employees to register for their secure myASRS account. Sometimes, employers allow new hires to use a shared computer at work to register their account and set up their user profile. 

Internet browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari, often utilize an autofill or auto-complete feature that allows users to quickly fill out common form fields, such as address, names, email and phone numbers. This timesaving feature can cause problems when it comes to protecting personal information, especially on a shared computer.

To protect your employees’ personal identifiable information (PII) when using shared computers, please work with your IT department to make sure the Autofill feature is turned off so that it does not retain any PII from one user to the next. While Autofill may be a convenient feature, users should be cautious and double-check all fields before executing any function.

Employers should direct questions regarding their browser features to their IT department.

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