Viewing Public Meetings

The ASRS hosts a number of public meetings throughout the year with our Board of Trustees and its three board committees: the Investment Committee, the Board Appeals Committee, and the Operations, Audit, & Legislative Committee. All these meetings are open to the public for in-person attendance at our Phoenix office or watched live on YouTube.

While these meetings have always been open to the public, streaming them live on YouTube and making the recordings available afterward is a relatively new feature for the ASRS, with our first public meeting livestream happening in the middle of last year. 

Livestreamed meetings can be viewed on our YouTube page at YouTube.com/AzASRSGov/streams. If you subscribe to our YouTube channel, you’ll also be notified when the ASRS goes live. Typically, we start the video feed right at the scheduled time of the meeting. 

For those who wish to watch meetings at a later date, we add a link to all public meeting videos on our Board and Committee Meetings webpage of AzASRS.gov, and also add it to our Board & Committee Meetings playlist on YouTube. 

To see who is on the ASRS Board of Trustees, read short trustee biographies, view the upcoming schedule of meetings, or view information from previous meetings, make sure to visit our ASRS Board of Trustees page at AzASRS.gov/content/meet-asrs-board-trustees.  

by Nathaniel Brengle, Strategic Communications

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