Upcoming Enhancements for Employer Executive Contacts

Employer users of the secure website have access to different functions based on roles that are assigned to their account. Those with the Employer Administrator role have the ability to add and remove those roles. Employer Administrators also have access to the Employer Contacts page, which is the place where the employer addresses, email domains, and LTD assignments are managed.

The ASRS made a small change to the Employer Contacts page last winter to add a new type of employer contact. The purpose of this change is to enable you to add contact information for your executives, which will assist the ASRS as we try to ensure your executive staff receives important and relevant communication from the ASRS. It also relieves those executive staff from the requirement to have an employer user account to receive communication from ASRS.

The ASRS has not informed employers about these new contacts yet because changes are needed to make the Employer Contacts page simpler to use. In the near future the ASRS will enhance the secure employer website to create user roles for LTD assignments, which will move LTD out of the Employer Contacts page. This will improve the experience for LTD Associates or Signers as well as Employer Administrators.

After these changes take place, the ASRS will provide information, instructions, and training for employers to update their secure accounts and contacts.

We are looking forward to this enhancement and will provide more information to you as it becomes available.

by Wendy Tobin, Employer Relations

This article was first published in the Employer Update newsletter, 2019 Q4

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