Service Purchase Role Assignments

Nearly six months ago, the ASRS moved processes online for Contributions Not Withheld (CNW), Military Call-Up, Leave of Absence and other service purchase programs. But some employers have yet to assign necessary roles for these new processes. That can lead to problems for your members, so take a moment now to assign those roles. It’s simple—here’s how!

If your secure employer account has the Employer Administrator role, log in and click on Maintain Employer Users from the left navigation menu. Do you see any user with the role CNW and Military Call Up Specialist? How about Leave of Absence Specialist?  If not, click on the Login ID of the person you want to assign for either or both of these roles. Then check the box next to the applicable role, authorize the change, and save it.  That’s all you need to do! 

While you’re there, check to make sure that at least one person has the PDA and Term Pay Specialist role. This role was auto-assigned to each employer user on August 29, 2018, so it has to be manually assigned after that date to anyone who should have this role.

Find out more in Service Purchase Program Roles: An Explanation, New Online Functionality Begins August 29!, and New Website Functionality for Employers.

If your secure employer account does not have the Employer Administrator role, you can log in and check to see if your account has any of the roles. But if you need any of them to be assigned to your account, please reach out to your Employer Administrator(s). 

Having trouble getting the role assignments done? We’re happy to help! Reach out to us by creating a Secure Message. If you’re unable to access Secure Messages, please contact your Employer Liaison for assistance.

by Wendy Tobin, Employer Relations

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