The Role of the Board & New Appointees

Arizona State Retirement System Board of Trustees 2021 One of the most important concepts with respect to managing a large organization is governance. With respect to the Arizona State Retirement System, the organization is governed by a nine-member Board, appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the state Senate.

The Board serves in a fiduciary capacity – acting solely in the interest of our members and the ASRS trust fund, with powers and duties outlined in state statute.

The full Board generally meets six times per year in a public meeting at the ASRS Phoenix office. Topics presented to the Board for oversight and decision-making include strategic planning, investment management, actuarial analysis, financial statements, budgets, health insurance, customer service, and legislation. There is time in each meeting for calls to the public during which anyone may address the Board.

In addition to the Board of Trustees, there are three committees of the Board: the Investment Committee, the Operations, Audit & Legislative Committee, and the Appeals Committee. Each committee meets separately and reports to the full Board.

At this time, the ASRS is conducting all public meetings with public access and participation via a call-in platform. We hope to resume in person access to meetings later this year as the pandemic continues to wane.

Earlier this year, Governor Doug Ducey appointed two new members to the ASRS Board, and reappointed another two.

New appointments to the nine member Board are Diane Landis, as a member of the public, and Ashley Ruiz, as a state employee.

Ms. Landis has a background in investments and financial planning, including holding positions in the White House under President George H. W. Bush.

Ms. Ruiz is the Arizona State Comptroller and has extensive experience in budget development, analysis and oversight. She is responsible for developing the State of Arizona’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

Reappointed to the Board are Kevin McCarthy and Michael Lofton, each members of the public.

Learn more about your Board, as well as schedules of upcoming meetings, on our Board web page at https://www.azasrs.gov/content/meet-asrs-board-trustees |

by Dave Cannella,
Media Relations Manager

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