A Review of Earning Service Credit

Periodically, the ASRS receives questions from employers on how employees earn service credit.

A member must be actively contributing to receive service credit. Active members are those who are currently employed for a participating ASRS employer and meeting membership criteria per A.R.S. § 37-711(23). 

Per A.R.S. § 38-735, § 38-736, and § 38-737, to receive service credit, the ASRS must receive contributions for the member. Member contributions are credited for the month in which the pay period ending (PPE date) occurs. For example, if the PPE date is 8/04/2019, then the member would receive service credit for the month of August, even if some of the compensation was earned for days worked in July. Members can also accrue service credit while using paid leave. As long as their employer is withholding contributions from eligible compensation, the member receives service credit when those contributions are credited to the member’s ASRS account.

For more information or if you have any questions, please send Employer Relations a secure message via your secure ASRS employer portal

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