Resources For You and Your Retiring Employees

Retirement can be a daunting time for both employees and employers, but it doesn’t need to be! We have plenty of online resources and AzASRS.gov to answer questions for both you and your employees. 

Resources for Retiring Employees

As your employees get closer to retirement, do they ask you for guidance about the ASRS?  We have great news for you—help is available, and it’s at their fingertips: Retirement Central at AzASRS.gov!  Just as it sounds, this page is a compilation of all the resources members can use at this stage of their working career, from the Retirement Readiness Quiz to information about annuity options, group meetings, and even how to go through the process of filing their online retirement application. 

One commonly reported misperception from members is that they are required to call or visit the ASRS office to file a retirement application. But in fact, applying for retirement happens quickly and easily online through their secure myASRS account.  

Being an ASRS employer partner does not mean you have to have all the answers about retirement. Take advantage of the ASRS website and its multitude of resources. It can help your employees – and as a member, even yourself – put all the pieces together for a successful transition into retirement.  

What Retiring Employees Means for You as an Employer

How familiar are you with your responsibilities as an employer for retiring employees? We have plenty of reference materials available online for employers as well, including both the Employer Manual and the Basics for Employers materials.  These materials help clarify retirement from an employer’s perspective, covering topics such as the difference between termination date, last day of ASRS membership, and retirement date. 

One of the biggest responsibilities for an employer of a retiring employee is the Ending Payroll Verification (EPV) form generated by the ASRS once a member’s retirement date arrives.  

Ending Payroll Verification

The EPV form is an online form that verifies termination and final payrolls from an employer when a member requests retirement benefits or applies for a refund of contributions. 

One common question we get from our employers is, “Why am I getting an Ending Payroll Verification (EPV) request for an employee who hasn’t worked here in ages?” The likely answer: that employee probably never took distribution of their pension benefits and has now submitted a retirement or refund application to the ASRS.

If a member of the ASRS stops actively contributing, does not apply for pension benefits or a refund, but has funds associated with their account, they’re considered an “inactive member.” The ASRS begins mailing annual notices to these inactive members soon after their 65th birthday to alert them that they still have funds with the ASRS. If the inactive member then submits a retirement or refund application to the ASRS, an Ending Payroll Verification form will be generated to the last employer who remitted contributions, regardless of how long ago the contributions were submitted.

If the employer no longer has employment records for the member back to that time, employers will need to include comments on the EPV that employment records are no longer available, and if possible, provide the last date the employee worked for them, or contact the ASRS for assistance with the last contribution reported date, and submit the EPV to the ASRS.

For more information, visit our employer Ending Payroll Verification page, our EPV Guide, or to view the Arizona statute regarding RMD and late retirement, visit: ARS § 38-759 Late Retirement

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