Reminder: Delete Obsolete Forms!

For the past year the ASRS has included information in the Employer Update regarding new online functionality for processes that were formerly dependent upon paper processes.  Since the release of the new functionality on August 29, 2018, the paper forms for those processes have been obsolete.  While the ASRS may have accepted some paper documents during the transition immediately surrounding the release, the ASRS no longer accepts any of these.

If you have paper or electronic copies of any of these forms, discard them.  They will be rejected by the ASRS if you submit them instead of using the online functionality.

• Verification of Contributions Not Withheld (CNW)

• Military Call-Up

• Approved Leave of Absence

Refer to the Service Verification Applications Guide for details about the online functionality.  This guide is available for download on the Employer Reference Materials page.

Published in the ASRS Employer Newsletter in May 2019

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