Reasons To Attend the Annual Employer Conference!

The Employer Relations team just conducted another successful Employer Conference, presenting 17 on-site meetings throughout the state - and four webinars. As an ASRS employer it is your responsibility to attend the annual ASRS Employer Conference as required by statute. The meetings are held in August and September of each year. Some of the topics covered at the conference include new legislation and administrative rules, current and future enhancements to employer processes, and any audit issues that have come up that may impact you. All topics discussed at the Employer Conference are designed to help you, our partners. For example, ASRS membership has been discussed in the past, focusing on when an employer should enroll a new employee or current employee and start submitting contributions to the ASRS. The impact of not understanding ASRS membership could have a monetary impact on both of you, the employer and the employee. For example, if the employee should have contributed and you did not submit contributions in the past, the employer would be invoiced not only for employer contributions, but both employer and employee interest. The employee will be invoiced for employee contributions owed only.

The Employer Relations Team also offers Basics meetings throughout the year. These are designed to assist employer administrative staff that are new to the ASRS, or staff that’ve been transferred to a new position and just need a refresher on ASRS basics. And for those employers who want a one-on-one meeting regarding a specific topic(s), the Employer Relations team can arrange a meeting with you as well.

Written by Michael McCarthy, Employer Liaison

This article appeared in "Employer Relations News" (Q1-2018), a digital publication of the ASRS.

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