New Review Process to Help Employer Partners

You may have recently received a secure message about Membership Eligibility Inconsistencies from Employer Relations.  This message and the accompanying report are part of a new, ongoing function of the Employer Relations team that should be a great benefit for our employers. 

Our new process will focus on reviewing, analyzing, and monitoring employer information in areas such as Membership Eligibility, Contribution reporting, Member Online Enrollment, Return to Work and Alternate Contribution reporting, Ending Payroll Verification, Service Purchase and Contributions Not Withheld, as well as Health Insurance Premium Benefit reporting.

The primary benefit of reviewing this information in real time: cost savings! Working with you, our employer partners, to quickly address any issues or anomalies and taking corrective action before they can become significant errors will save employers time and money. It helps prevent spending staff time researching months - or even years - worth of information, and helps eliminate potentially costly retroactive corrections.

Responding in real time to potential mistakes will also benefit members. Significant corrections to a member’s account can affect both their service and salary calculations. Being able to catch potential mistakes in real time allows us to minimize that impact.

In the meantime, if you receive secure messages from Employer Relations about Membership or any of the other potential topics and have questions, please feel free to contact your employer liaison by secure message or phone. We are here to help!

by Michael Carr, Employer Relations

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