New Online Functionality Begins August 29!

On August 29, the new online functionality for Service Purchase will be in place.  Although Service Purchase is primarily a member program, this affects employer Contributions Not Withheld (CNW), Military Call-up, and Leave of Absence processes.  It also includes the change from USPS mail to ASRS Secure Messages for delivery of Payroll Deduction Authorization (PDA) and Termination Pay Authorization contracts, which the ASRS sends to the employer for implementation.

Here are some important reminders:

      • If you have paper copies of Verification of CNW, Military Call-Up, or Approved Leave of Absence forms, please recycle them.  If you have any of these forms on your website, please remove them.  They are no longer acceptable by the ASRS.
      • Employer Administrators: All employer users will be assigned the role of PDA and Term Pay Specialist automatically on August 29, unless your employer is not the entity reporting contributions.  The purpose of this role is to ensure the employer receives new PDA or Termination Pay Authorization contracts.  This only applies going forward; no existing contracts will be sent.  If you do not want an employer user to keep this role, you must remove it from their account using the Maintain Employer Users page.  New employer users you create in the future will not automatically receive this role – you will need to assign it to them as you would assign other appropriate roles.
      • Employer Administrators: Beginning August 29, please visit Maintain Employer Users and assign the new roles of CNW and Military Call Up Specialist and Leave of Absence Specialist to yourselves and/or other employer users as appropriate.

For additional information about the new functionality and roles, please review the article from the June 2018 Employer Update, found on the Employer News page.  Thank you for your cooperation as we make the transition to more paperless processes.  If you have questions, please create a Secure Message.

Written by Wendy Tobin, Employer Liaison

This article appeared in "Employer Relations News" (Q3-2018), a digital publication of the ASRS

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