New Online Feature to Assist Return to Work Retirees

The ASRS has a new online tool that improves the process for ASRS retirees who wish to return to work for an ASRS employer.

The new feature allows members who are planning to retire and return to work for an ASRS employer to quickly see if they are eligible to retire, return to work for an ASRS employer while continuing to receive their pension benefit.

Retirees are able to verify their status as well, and submit a required form electronically to the ASRS employer where they will be working.

The Return to Work section on the ASRS website explains the laws and processes for retirees returning to work. This new online feature has been incorporated into each member’s myASRS secure section. Any member considering returning to work should use the new tool to determine the conditions for which they are eligible to return to work and retain their pension benefit

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