New Instructional Videos for Employers

The ASRS Basics for Employers meeting is now available online as a six-part series. The online format will not only enable employer staff to get the same information provided in our in-person ASRS Basics for Employers sessions but will also provide a convenient format that employer users can take advantage of from their computer or laptop.

In addition to the online series, the accompanying ASRS Basics for Employers Handbook is available online, on the Employer Reference Materials page. The handbook can be viewed online or downloaded and makes a great desk aid reference.

The online six-part series covers the basics of employer responsibilities regarding the ASRS while providing the additional context of why those responsibilities are important. We designed the information so it relates to both experienced staff members who want to stay informed on ASRS functions and employer responsibilities with regard to ASRS processes, as well as those who may be new to their job or have new responsibilities as they relate to ASRS functions and processes.

Employer users should view the videos in succession to ensure they have a complete understanding of the employer’s responsibilities and functions as well as the ASRS rules and requirements.

The online ASRS Basics for Employers training series covers the same information presented in our in-person sessions:

      • Part 1 is an overview of the Arizona State Retirement System, history, and structure  
      • Part 2 covers the benefits of ASRS membership  

The following sections include employer responsibilities:

      • Part 3 ASRS Membership Eligibility
      • Part 4 ASRS Eligible Compensation and Termination Incentive Programs
      • Part 5 the process of Contribution Reporting, Service Purchase, Retirement, and Refunds  
      • Part 6 Return to Work Retirees and ACR, along with ASRS Contacts  

We hope you will find the online series, with the accompanying handbook, a beneficial resource.

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