New ASRS Retirement Planning Dashboard

To help members navigate the process of retiring from the ASRS, a new dashboard has been released, called Retirement Central. Retirement Central puts everything a member needs to know about retiring from the ASRS in one place. The new dashboard includes video tutorials, webcasts, benefit estimators, information on health insurance and what members need to know if they are considering returning to work after retirement.

Retirement Central categories include:

    • Estimate Your Benefits
    • Can You Afford to Retire?
    • Supplement Your ASRS Pension
    • Download a Timeline
    • Consider Your Options
    • Let Us Help You
    • Review Your Healthcare Options
    • You're Retired; Now What?
    • Return to Work

These topics provide members with an overall picture of the retirement process, what to consider during their planning, and options available for the various decisions they will need to make when applying for ASRS retirement. Retirement Central can be located on the left of the navigation bar found on every page of the ASRS website.

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