New ASRS Contribution Calculator

The Arizona State Retirement System now has a new tool on our website to help you identify the pay types that are considered compensation for retirement, as well as confirm the amounts being withheld from employees' pay. You are able to use this tool without having to contact the ASRS to receive the correct contribution amount. It’s quick and easy. 

The Contribution Calculator is a tool to help employers determine the amount of contributions that would be required for each pay period for active employees who meet ASRS membership criteria. The tool also would be used to help the employer identify the pay types before sending the contributions to the ASRS. An example is when you are paying additional money above the base pay to an employee; you can use the tool to determine if the additional pay is compensation for ASRS purposes. Another example would be you are getting ready to submit contributions in the new fiscal year; you can use the tool to verify the correct contribution rate. Try the new calculator out at Calculate Your ASRS Contributions.

by Michael McCarthy, Employer Relations

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