New ACH Payment Features!

Employers participating in the Arizona State Retirement System have unique and statutory obligations to ensure employee participation, to make payments of required contributions, and in the processing of employees moving into retirement. One of our priorities at the Arizona State Retirement System is to utilize technology to create efficient, user-friendly products for our members as well as employer partners. 

What’s new? 

We are excited to share a new payment process with you, which includes: miscellaneous ACH payment processing, payment history search screens, and ACH account profiles. Employers are now able to submit ACH miscellaneous payments through their employer secure accounts for the following transactions: 

    • Employee termination pay-service purchase 
    • Garnishment
    • Health Insurance Premium Benefit overpayment
    • New employee prior service
    • Notice of liability (unfunded liability)
    • Other payments
    • Also, military call up and Contributions Not Withheld will now share the same new screens

We are here for you every step of the way! We have added an ACH e-Learning on the ASRS employer home page to help you through this new functionality. For additional questions or assistance, please submit an Employer Secure Message.

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