Legislative Updates

Senate Bill 1054: ASRS; Nonparticipating Employers

This bill makes changes to the definition of “nonparticipating employer” for the purposes of charging a liability created by an employer who either has current or prospective employees no longer participating in the ASRS.  Such scenarios may occur if an employer ceases ASRS participation.

Senate Bill 1524: Budget Procedures; BRB; 2018-19

This bill makes changes to the reporting requirements for state retirement systems.  By December 1 each year, the ASRS shall report the following information to the Governor, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the President of the Senate:

  1.        The contribution rates for the ensuing fiscal year;
  2.          The unfunded actuarial accrued liability;
  3.          The funded status based on the actuarial and market value of assets;
  4.        The annualized rate of return; and
  5.          The 10-year rate of return as of June 30 of the prior fiscal year.


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Written by Jessica Thomas, Government Relations Officer

This article appeared in "Financial Horizons " (Q3-2018) , a publication of the ASRS

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