The Importance of Getting Employees Enrolled

One of the first things all new members should do is enroll in their online myASRS account using their ASRS employer’s enrollment code. Once the member is enrolled and registered, they will have full access to their account, where they can easily track their retirement progress and keep their account updated.

It is imperative that employers help guide all their new employees through this process, regardless of whether they’re new to the ASRS or have previously worked for an ASRS employer. There are a number of reasons why having an employee complete the online enrollment process is important. Without a completed enrollment, the member may not be able to apply for a refund or retirement. Also, the member’s account is more vulnerable to fraudulent activity and potentially exposed to unclaimed property laws if the member should pass away or simply forget about their account. 

The ASRS regularly receives questions on enrollment processing from employers. Here are a few of these common scenarios and their resolutions.

1.  A recently-terminated employee never enrolled. Now they are contacting us about doing their enrollment. Can’t the ASRS just do it?

When employees terminate their employment but have not enrolled/registered with the ASRS, they are unable to apply for a refund or retirement because the ASRS cannot verify their identity. If they contact the ASRS for assistance with this within six months after leaving employment, the ASRS will refer them back to you to complete the enrollment process. For all involved, this is the best resolution because the employee can enter their current information themselves. For this reason, the ASRS highly encourages employers to reach out to employees that have not yet enrolled (these are the individuals listed on your Enrollments Required report). This is especially important if an employee has not enrolled and is terminating or has recently terminated employment.

2.  Our employee previously enrolled in the ASRS with another ASRS employer. Do they have to enroll again with us?

Yes: All of your employees who meet ASRS membership criteria should complete the online registration/enrollment regardless of whether they have completed this process previously with a prior employer. This helps ensure their demographic data and beneficiary designations are up-to-date and confirms that (along with contributions being submitted) this employee is eligible for participation in the ASRS with their new employment.

3.  We have employees’ names on the Enrollments Required report. Will the ASRS remove them for us?

No: If employees are listed on the Enrollments Required report, it means they have not submitted their enrollment. To remove them from the report, please provide enrollment instructions to them and assist them in properly registering/enrolling. Once you submit their enrollment to the ASRS, their names will be removed from Enrollments Required report within 24 hours.

For more information on the enrollment process, please view the Online Enrollment Guide on the Employer Reference Materials web page, or send your employer liaison a secure message via your employer myASRS account.

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