The Importance of Being Enrolled in the ASRS

Assisting your employees with ASRS enrollment

Have any of your employees ever asked about the mandatory contributions to the ASRS that come out of each and every paycheck?

We understand that for some, it can seem like an awfully big deduction. Yet, we are confident that our members will appreciate the value of belonging to the state’s largest public retirement plan.

The ASRS strives to communicate the value of membership. Ensuring your employees are properly enrolled in the ASRS, and that we have updated contact information for them allows the ASRS to keep your employees up-to-date on the many benefits of ASRS membership.

Proper enrollment and registration with the ASRS allow access to such benefits as retirement and refund estimates. Members can log in to their secure myASRS account to see when they will be retirement eligible, whether it’s soon, or years away. They can also see estimates should the leave employment and refund their account, or have the need to go on Long Term Disability.

Help us ensure your employees understand the value of their ASRS membership. Be sure they are enrolled with us! They are just a click away from completing this process by visiting the ASRS website at www.azasrs.gov and clicking on myASRS Login located in the upper right corner of the homepage. 

If you would like to make it even easier, you can access the Online Enrollment flyer.  Just fill in your unique employer enrollment code, print it out and give it to your employee and have them follow the easy instructions!

There is also lots of information they may find helpful on our New Employee Information page. You can print additional fact sheets and flyers that your employees will find informative.

The importance of Member Demographic Data

and your role as an Employer Partner


It is vital that the ASRS has correct and current demographic information on our members.

There are currently more than 11,000 active members for whom we receive contributions but are technically not currently enrolled with the ASRS. Without proper enrollment information, the $2 million in contributions on file with the ASRS can become in danger of becoming unclaimed, abandoned property.

Your assistance as an employer partner is not only helpful to us, it’s actually required.

State statute 38-716 defines “Employers’ responsibilities under the system” whereby:

“An Employer of a member shall: cooperate and collaborate with ASRS and follow all ASRS procedures to ensure proper enrollment of members in the system.”

It is crucial to provide member demographic information to us initially as employees are becoming eligible for membership.  If the ASRS does not have the demographic information on file – such as names, birth dates and contact information – it can be difficult to communicate with the member.  For instance, prior to an employee calling the ASRS, if the Employer hasn’t sent their information, they cannot be identified.  Additionally, when registration is incomplete, it increases the chances of an unsuspecting member to being exposed as a victim of fraud. 

If you as an employer need help with implementing the enrollment process, the ASRS can assist with information and/or onsite visits.  We hope we can continue to work together with you on this important issue and all other aspects of our partnership.

Please feel free to contact the ASRS Employer Relations division for assistance.    

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