FAQs for Employers: Enrollments & Demographics

By Ryan Guerra, Senior Benefit Advisor, Member Services Division

Sometimes the line between what is your responsibility as an Employer versus what is the Employee's responsibility can be confusing. Here are some common questions we've received and their answers. The following will provide clarification on who's responsible for updating employee information and how to make those updates. 

Q: Does updating an employee’s demographic records in our system automatically update the same information with the ASRS?

A: No. When an employee comes to you to update their information, be sure to advise them to contact the ASRS or log into their secure myASRS account to do the same. This ensures the ASRS has proper contact and beneficiary information for our members.

Q: Can a newly enrolled employee update their ASRS beneficiary before they have made a contribution?

A: No. The ASRS is unable to update a newly enrolled employee’s name or beneficiaries until after the ASRS posts a contribution for that employee. In some cases it can be six months before the employee’s first contribution is made. This is often the case for new state employees, which have a six-month waiting period for certain benefits to begin.

Prior to receiving a contribution from a new employee, their ASRS account is considered “temporary” and the ASRS is unable to make these changes at that time. Therefore, it is imperative that new employees review the information they submit during ASRS registration for accuracy and check back periodically to ensure information is accurate.

Q: Are employers responsible for providing employees with the ASRS Change of Name or Beneficiary form?

A: While the ASRS appreciates employers trying to help their employees by handing out our forms, the ASRS would prefer to provide these forms ourselves. Our member forms are constantly under review and are updated to reflect new procedures or statutes. It is important our members submit the newest version of the ASRS form available. Any outdated forms submitted will be rejected and new forms will have to be submitted before any change could be made. In addition, many ASRS member forms are obsolete because of our continued efforts to enable such changes to be made online within their secure myASRS account.

Q: Is it ok to advise our employees to make changes on their ASRS account or contact the ASRS directly?

A: Yes! The ASRS is happy to assist your employees over the phone or online with any demographic or beneficiary update.

Please see our Contact Us page for information.

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