Familiar with Ending Payroll Verification Requests?

Ending Payroll Verification (EPV) requests are sent by the ASRS to employers when we need to verify the termination of and final payrolls for past or present employees. Accessed via your secure employer myASRS account, there are several situations in which we’ll request an EPV: Retiring employees, prior employees who are now withdrawing their ASRS contributions, or the need to process survivor benefits for a member who has passed away. An EPV is also required in cases of Required Minimum Distribution – a process which sometimes necessitates that we inquire about employees who may not have worked for you for quite some time. 

It’s important to know that the ASRS cannot begin processing most disbursement requests until the required EPV has been submitted by you, the employer. If the ASRS has not received the EPV for a member who has applied for retirement within ten days after their requested retirement date, the ASRS will mail a letter to the member to alert them that the EPV has not been received.

To access EPV forms in your employer myASRS account, you must have the “EPV Specialist” role assigned to you by your employer account administrator. For instructions on how roles are assigned, be sure to check out our Administrator Guide on the Employer Reference Materials page.

EPVs for Required Minimum Distributions (RMD)

As mentioned previously, EPVs for Require Minimum Distribution can often involve the ASRS asking you to verify information about an employee that hasn’t worked for you in quite a long time, and is often a source of confusion for our employers.

If a member of the ASRS stops actively contributing, leaves funds on account, but never applies for pension benefits or a refund, they’re considered an “inactive member.” The ASRS begins mailing annual notices to these inactive members soon after their 65th birthday to alert them that they still have funds with the ASRS. If the inactive member then submits a retirement or refund application to the ASRS, an EPV is generated to the last employer who remitted contributions, regardless of how long ago those contributions were submitted.

If you no longer have employment records for the member back to that time, please include comments on the EPV that employment records are no longer available, and if possible, provide the last date the employee worked for you, or contact the ASRS for assistance with the last contribution reported date, and submit the EPV to the ASRS.

Additional information regarding the Ending Payroll Verification process is available in our Ending Payroll Verification Guide. If you have any questions regarding an EPV request you have received, please submit a secure message with your inquiry via your secure employer myASRS account.

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