Enhanced Employer Return to Work Form

The ASRS just launched a new release of the Review Return to Work Forms application for employer users.  This enhancement enables employer users to export the information on an approved form to a PDF file before submitting it to the ASRS. 

Prior to the change, employer users elected to either reject or approve the form and then clicked the Submit button at the bottom of the form.  Clicking Submit meant that a rejected form was sent back to the retired employee’s account for revision, and an approved form was submitted directly to the ASRS. 

Now, employer users still elect to either reject or approve the form, but the button at the bottom of the form has been changed to a Continue button.  Information has been added to explain that if the employer is rejecting the form, clicking Continue will send it back to the retired employee for revision.  If the employer is approving the form, clicking Continue will refresh the page so that the employer’s election to approve the form has been captured and a new Export to PDF button appears at the bottom of the form.  The employer user may then export a PDF copy of the information, and after doing so, click the Submit button to send the form directly to the ASRS for processing.

The ASRS looks for ways to make ASRS applications and processes more efficient and useful for our employer partners.  If you have ideas or suggestions toward this effort, the ASRS welcomes your feedback - please contact us via Employer Secure Messaging.

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