Ending Payroll Verification Form

It's peak retirement season and the ASRS is expecting more than 5,000 new retirees this summer.  The primary document needed for most of them is the Ending Payroll Verification (EPV) form. During these busy times, it’s helpful when the EPV is completed accurately and in a timely manner. 

Here are some tips and reminders that we hope will assist you in completing these very important forms.

1.    Ensure you are correctly entering the Termination Date or Last Day of ASRS Membership. These fields do not mean the same thing and are not interchangeable. Last Day of ASRS Membership should only be used when an employee is retiring without terminating employment. When the employee has terminated their employment, you should be entering a Termination Date.

2.    Pay periods that contain a combination of regular wages, termination pay and/or performance pay need to be broken out between the Regular Compensation section and the Other Compensation section. 

3.    Do not include performance pay or bonuses in the Regular Compensation section. Any performance pay or bonuses should be identified separately in the Other Compensation section.

4.    Any pay periods remitted in the last five years that are 2.5 times more than a normal pay period need to be verified in the Other Compensation section.

5.    Do not include termination pay in the Regular Compensation section. Any termination pay, from which contributions were withheld, should be identified separately in the Other Compensation section. 

6.    Ensure that the final three payrolls listed on the form are an accurate reflection of what was submitted to ASRS. This includes the pay period ending date, ASRS eligible gross wages and contributions.

7.    Submit a revised EPV when eligible contributions are paid after retirement (e.g. Proposition 301 performance pay is paid out in November for the prior school year, and the teacher retired at the end of the school year). 

8.    Identify any Retroactive Pay. Be sure to note the start and end date the contributions should be retroactive to in the Comments field.

If you have any questions about a certain pay type, contribution amount, termination date or anything else regarding the Ending Payroll Verification form, please send us a secure message through the ASRS website. Thank you for assisting us during this busy new retiree season.

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