Employers: How Old is That Form?

By Genevieve McBride, ASRS Member Services Division

The ASRS is constantly reviewing and updating forms to comply with new rules and requirements. For  example, a notary section was added to our Retirement Application, Application for Withdrawal of Contributions and Termination of Membership and Direct Deposit forms.  Please check the revision dates on any hard copies you have of any ASRS forms. If we receive an outdated form, it must be rejected, which delays the action that the member wished to take on their account.

While there are a few employer forms with a revision date older than March 2016, recent versions of member forms should not be older than March 2016. If you are unsure if the copy you have of an employer or member form is current, please check the Forms & Packets page within your secure employer account, or direct your member to the ASRS to receive the newest version.

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