Employer: Turnaround Times

By Genevieve McBride, ASRS Member Services Division

It is not uncommon for employees who have questions about their retirement benefits to go straight to their benefits office rather than contacting the ASRS. A lot of the Employer Secure Messages we receive are from those who are asking questions on behalf of their employees. For questions that require account specific information like years of service, beneficiaries on record, or service purchase, we ask that you have your employee contact the ASRS directly so we can talk to them about their account.  Arizona Revised Statutes § 38-755 limits the information we are allowed to provide to a third party without prior written authorization from the member.

However there are questions that employers can help us answer. These are the frequently asked questions that begin with “How long does it take to…”

…retire? Retirement processing can take anywhere from 45 to 90 days.

…process my health insurance premium benefit (HIPB) reimbursement? Reimbursements are typically paid out within 60 days from receipt of the HIPB reimbursement form.

…see my new deductions from the new tax elections I submitted? When will my benefit get deposited into my new bank account? If the member made the changes to their tax elections or their direct deposit information online through their online secure account by the 10th of the month, they’ll see the new elections and/or the deposit to their new bank account with their next benefit payment on the 1st of the following month. If the updates were made after the 10th, they’ll see the changes in the second month following. For example changes made after October 10 will not be effective until December 1. If you want the changes made with the November 1 benefit payment, the updates must be received no later than October 10.

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