Employer Secure Messaging Updates & Helpful Hints

Employer Secure Messaging Updates

On January 27, 2016, the ASRS transitioned our employer partners from Secure Email to Secure Messaging. The new Secure Messaging system allows the ASRS to better route, track, and electronically document the exchange of information between our employers and the different ASRS service divisions.

The transition to Secure Messaging helps the ASRS facilitate a single point of access to employer data that is intuitive and easily accessible by staff throughout the agency, leading to increased knowledge and prevention of mixed messages. The ability to see a single history of communication and transactions with employers helps in our continued development of positive interactions with our employer partners.

As of March 7, 2016, we have processed 916 unique messages, 86% of which were resolved within 48 hours. Such transitions do not come without some technical challenges or learning curves. We thank our employer partners for their patience and flexibility as we continue to improve this process and implement updates.

Helpful Hints for Using Secure Messaging

    • The ASRS website is optimized for Internet Explorer 11. We encourage you to upgrade your IE browser for Secure Messaging to function properly. Microsoft ended support for IE 8, 9 and 10 on January 16th, and will no longer be providing security patches. You do not necessarily have to upgrade to the latest version of Windows in order to upgrade to IE 11.
    • For more efficient processing of your inquiry, when requesting information about a specific employee, please remember to include the employee's full name and at least the last four digits of the employee's Social Security number.
    • To ensure we are providing accurate information, encourage your employees to login to their own secure ASRS account when they come to you for account-specific information about their ASRS benefits, or to contact the ASRS directly at (602) 240-2000.
    • If you attach a document to your secure message, your message will be acknowledged and the document will be routed to the appropriate unit. The message thread will appear as "COMPLETED" in your inbox. This does not mean the processing of the document is complete; just the conversation thread itself.
    • To help us maintain a single history of communication and transactions for each inquiry, please do not create a new message if you have an open, "ACTIVE" thread on the matter already.
    • Please check your secure messages regularly. You will receive a reminder notification only for new, unopened messages and the notification is scheduled to be sent at midnight. Currently, once you have opened and read the message, subsequent exchanges in the same thread will not trigger an additional notification. We are working to change the notification frequency in a future version of Employer Secure Messaging.

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