Employer Secure Messaging: Helpful Hints

By Genevieve McBride, ASRS Member Advisory Center Supervisor 

Thank you for the feedback on the Employer Secure Messaging application! Of the feedback we have received, the most frequent suggestion is the ability to attach multiple files. Currently users must create a new message within a thread to attach additional files. While this suggestion is being considered for future releases, here are some helpful tips in the meantime:

Utilize Your Max File Size. The maximum file size in Secure Messaging is 10 MB. One Health Insurance Premium Benefit Authorization Form saved as a PDF is typically 1 KB. It takes 10,000 KB to equal 10 MB so, even if you have 15-20 attachments of this size, you would still be well under the maximum file size.

Scan Multiple Documents Into One File. To save yourself some time in creating a new message for each attachment, consider scanning all of the forms into one file. As long as the final file size is less than 10 MB, you will be able to attach it to one message.

Utilize the Employer Manual. Many of the secure messages we receive are general questions that can be answered by referencing the Employer Manual. Many of our responses directly reference the Employer Manual. This valuable but often overlooked resource can be found on the Employer Reference Materials page of the ASRS website. This page contains basic information that will help with your day-to-day responsibilities related to ASRS membership, and provide valuable background material that should help explain the complexities of the ASRS.

Online Employer Resources. The Employer Secure Messaging Guide is available to refer to anytime you need a refresher. You will also find other helpful resources on the Employer Reference Materials page, including downloadable Employer User Guides such as the Check Membership Eligibility Guide, the Employer Secure Messaging Guide and the Secure Employer Website Administrator Guide.

This article first appeared in "Employer Update" (Q2-2016), a digital publication of the ASRS.

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