Change Employers, Keep your ASRS Membership

Are you switching employers? Changing school districts? You’ll be happy to know your ASRS membership is fully portable between ASRS employers! 

The ASRS has nearly 700 employers representing all levels of education, as well as county and State service. If you leave one ASRS employer, leave your funds on file with the ASRS, then begin working for another ASRS employer, your years of service and accrual pick up exactly where they left off  — you don’t lose your current service credit or funds accrued to date! Having a portable pension allows you to make career decisions that benefit you without worrying about how it will impact your future retirement.

It’s easy to keep your contributions going when you start your new ASRS position. Simply complete the online enrollment process with your new employer. Be sure to let your employer know that you are already an ASRS member from your previous position.

Remember, you can check on the status of your ASRS membership and account balance at any time by logging into your secure myASRS account. Haven’t set up your account access yet, or want to learn more about the benefits of online enrollment? Read our article “Are You Fully Enrolled?"

By Benjamin Robinson

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