ASRS Member Tool Kit: A New Web Page

The ASRS website has many helpful resources to assist members on their road to retirement. To help streamline the member experience, we’ve created the one-page Member Tool Kit. The Member Tool Kit puts all of our digital tools, such as calculators and estimators into one place, and organizes them into Member Resources or Retirement Planning tools. 

Thinking about making a service purchase but don’t know where to start? Estimate a Service Purchase will guide you through the basic process and common FAQs. When you’re ready, you can go straight to your myASRS account to start the process.

Are you concerned about what will be available to help your family if you pass away prior to retiring? Estimate a Survivor Benefit guides you through how the process works, as well as the importance of choosing beneficiaries. If you want an estimate of the amount available for your beneficiaries, head over to your myASRS account to see the details.

If you haven’t thought about retirement lately, check out the section Can You Afford to Retire? It helps you see the big picture, not just your monthly pension. Many members forget how taxes and health insurance costs can quickly gobble up their monthly benefit.

Take a minute to review the Member Tool Kit page located in the Members menu. It’s a great way to see what kind tools the ASRS keeps developing to help you have a successful retirement.

Written by Aaron Chandler, Communications

Published in Expanding Your Financial Horizons digital newsletter May 2019 

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