ASRS Member Advisors: A Look Behind the Scenes

When you need some help, information, or guidance, you may find yourself contacting our Member Advisory Center for assistance.  This includes calling us for help, sending a secure message from your myASRS secure account or making an in-person appointment for more complex issues.

What you don’t know is that these employees receive four weeks of intensive classroom and on-the-job training.  But that’s not where it ends.  They also receive two hours a week of ongoing training once they’re on the job.  It can include topics related to current member trends, such as open enrollment for health insurance, as well as ongoing refresher training to help ensure they don’t forget what they’ve learned in the past.  All of this helps ensure you get great service when you contact us, and that you get what you need from your retirement system.

We don’t just think it helps us deliver great service.  We’ve got the numbers to back it up.  Last year we received over 185,000 calls, with an average wait time of just over 2 minutes.  Our member satisfaction rating was 98.2%, with a call quality rating of 97.9%.  Those are the kind of numbers many of our peer retirement systems would love to have!

While those numbers are outstanding, we do like to remind our members that we have a relatively small call center with less than 30 people.  And our appointments staff is even smaller.  With over half a million members, that's a lot of interactions with our membership!

Remember, before you call many of your questions can be answered on our website. For more complex questions, log into your secure myASRS account and send us a Secure Message. Many of your personal updates can be made online at anytime via your myASRS  account, such as updating your address and beneficiaries.

If you do need to contact us, please make sure you have all your relevant information handy when you call, or send us a secure message, to assist our staff in helping you.

The ASRS is dedicated to providing great customer service to all of our members, no matter how you reach out to us.

by Aaron Chandler, Strategic Communications

This article appeared in "Expanding Your Financial Horizons" (October 2018), a digital publication of the ASRS.


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