Alternate Contribution Reporting Update

Beginning mid-January 2018, employers will see a new field added to the online ACR Reporting application that will make it easier to submit interest owed if there are any delinquent ACR amounts due.

The new field will enable employers to include interest owed, if any, for delinquent ACR payments not previously reported, and bring ACR payments up to date when they remit ACR for their most recent pay period ending date.

Employers can create a Secure Message to request Contribution Accounting determine the past interest owed  for any delinquent payments, and then include this amount in the new field when they report ACR.  This means one ACR submission to bring past ACR payments current, instead of multiple submissions required to bring ACR current for an individual.

Written by Michael Carr, Employer Liaison

This article appeared in "Employer Relations News" (Q1-2018), a digital publication of the ASRS.

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